How To Install A Receiver (Trailer) Hitch - Hitch Attachment Tips: Draw•Tite®
DRAW•TITE® ALL-IN-ONE HITCH SELECTOR TOOL ~Check what receiver hitches fit your vehicle~ In this video we show you some tips for attaching your Draw•Tite® Receiver Hitch. RELATED PART #'s 24XXX, 36XXX, 75XXX, 41XXX, 419XXX SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE ~For the latest videos on all our products and everything towing~ WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER @DrawTiteHitches LINKEDIN *As a reminder, be sure to thoroughly read and follow the installation instructions that are included with every Draw•Tite® hitch for each specific hitch installation. These instructions will tie the basic steps of your hitch installation with the specific attachment points for your vehicle. Draw•Tite® North America's Favorite Hitch